Time to reframe care for people living with persistent MSK pain

The situation of people living with ‘their life on pause’ because they fear the worse and have been told surgery is the only option to treat their chronic pain were explored the WCPT professional seminar on Reframing Care for Persistent Musculoskeletal Pain.

The session was chaired by Jeremy Lewis, of the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, and Peter O’Sullivan, Professor of MSK Physiotherapy at Curtin University, who used insight from an article they had previously contributed to the British Journal of Sports Medicine to develop the theme of the seminar.

They posed the question to physical therapists: Is it time to reframe how we care for people with persistent non-traumatic MSK pain?

In their presentations, Jeremy and Peter used studies and patient feedback to illustrate the need to shift the focus of care towards providing effective self-management rather than ‘offering a cure’. In short, putting people in control.

The seminar sought to encourage collaboration where all stakeholders could work together to identify the best possible solution. Physical therapists from around the world had the opportunity to contribute to a next steps summary with the aim of reframing current care for the benefit of stakeholders.

WCPT President Emma Stokes was joined by Chidozie Emmanuel Mbada, from Nigeria, Saurab Sharma, from Nepal, Ina Diener, from South Africa, and Boris Gojanovic, from Switzerland, to facilitate discussions on a potential key change to global MSK practice.

Interviews with Jeremy Lewis, Peter O’Sullivan, Pamela Gellatly, Boris Gojanovic, and Emma Stokes about some of the issues raised in this seminar will be available soon on the WCPT website.