Physio Collegium

Why Physio Collegium?

  • Physio Collegium is a specific area dedicated to Physical Therapy, enabling users to be active participants in the creation and modeling of a profiled interactive academic community.
  • Physio Collegium is a virtual health forum bringing together Physical Therapy specialists who are recognized in Bulgaria as Кinesitherapists, Rehabilitators and Мedical Rehabilitators-ergotherapists.
  • Physio Collegium implements and maintains a high level of communication through a host of helpful relationships – between patients and professionals; between colleagues from the same or another field; between health and education institutions and professionals, as well as a number of other functionalities.
  • For Patients

    • This site is primarily for the Patient – to save time and to find easily the nearest specialist;
    • You can choose among a number of criteria and specific keywords;
    • You can ask questions to site specialists.
  • For Specialists

    • Be part of a specific professional environment.
    • Be available to your clients/patients, both in Bulgaria and abroad.
    • Get up-to-date information about the events you are interested in – courses, workshops, conferences, symposia, webinars, etc .;
    • Communicate and discuss in an interactive college – it will sharpen your clinical thinking and improve your practical rationale;
    • Create a unique portfolio to be recognizable among patients and colleagues.
  • For Companies/Institutions

    • What better place for your ad by a Profiled Network of Physical Therapy Specialists – one of the most important and needed professions in the world at the moment!
    • Promote your products, courses, seminars, conferences, symposia, webinars and more.
    • You do not have to search your target group – Physio Collegium provides you with a highly specialized registry of specialists – just choose the best for them!
  • Guidelines for using sections in the site:
  • Specialists

    • A registry that will save your time and with just a few quick clicks you will find the specialist you need.
    • Search by country, city, district; by a specific keyword – the name of a specialist, a complaint, a therapeutic approach, etc., which will connect you with your closest competent person.
    • The patient can also directly retain a consultation appointment from the therapist’s portfolio.
  • Forum

    • The virtual academic environment where you can create specialized health topics, discuss them and communicate with the colleagues.
    • The topics vary in a wide range – from general health care to narrowly profiled aspects of physical therapy.
      * Any user with an active profile will be able to discuss and create topics in the Forum.
  • Calendar

    • The section where events with different content will be created and promoted – courses, conferences, symposia, workshops, webinars, etc.
  • Publications

    • Create your post with advertising, commercial or simply informative guidance.
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