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6th International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium

22 октомври - 23 октомври


Welcome to ISTS 2020!

The beauty of Valencia, the complexity of tendons, science from across the world; what more could you want from a conference? We would love you to come to this unique conference in Spain in October 2020.

Bring your research, your clinical interest and your passion for tendons to the 6thInternational Tendon Symposium from 22-24th October 2020. The theme is deliberately broad “Tendons in the 21st Century” so we can capture all aspects of the fast-moving field of tendon science and management.

We have several exciting keynotes confirmed, their biographies are on this website. Their expertise is in the clinical management of tendons as well as the biological underpinnings of the condition, so we can share knowledge between these key disciplines.

There are many controversies in the clinical management of tendon pathology and pain and we hope to have some broad conversations engaging the delegates in a discussion with our keynote speakers. For the first time the conference will be translated simultaneously into Spanish, so we welcome our Spanish speaking tendonophiles to share this experience.

New research will be presented as oral presentations or posters, abstract details will be posted onto this website shortly.

Valencia combines historic architecture and modern seaside Spain, providing a wonderful host city that has great food and wine and reasonably priced accommodation. The international conference committee from cannot wait for your attendance at this conference.

Yours Sincerely,

Professor Jill Cook on behalf of the International Organising Committee





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