From Adam Meakins again:

Being over weight should be classified an inflammatory disease!

Obesity is a key factor for many health issues including musculoskeletal conditions of the lower and upper limb such as osteoarthritis, tendinopathy, osteopenia, and sarcopenia.

This is not only due to increased mechanical forces/pressures on joints or tendons, but because excessive body fat (especially abdominal) creates a cascade of low grade chronic inflammation in an individual.

More physios and healthcare professionals need to recognise this and be comfortable giving patients advice and guidance about this.

More patients need to be educated that loosing weight isn’t only about reducing mechanical forces on their joints and tendons, but more about reducing inflammation in their systems.

Less obesity, less inflammation!

To read more I suggest these free access papers here……/PMC58…/pdf/fphys-09-00112.pdf…/v48n6/0102-3616-rbort-48-06-00471.pdf